A Different Point Of View of Hollywood Success Story: Jamie’s Testimonial

Jamie Babb is the owner and operator of Tender Care Therapy. She has been repairing horses with the Equi-Stim Legsaver for the last 8 years!
Here is a testimonial from Jamie about her experience with treating Hollywood:
The rewards and results of working with Equi-Stim Legsaver have been nothing less than miraculous. I stopped counting after 2000 horses.
There have been so many very memorable cases, but Holly has a special place in my heart. I was very grateful for the opportunity to heal her.

I saw Holly the day she came to the farm on 3 legs

When Joan asked me about the Equi-stim Legsaver I did my best to explain how it would help. Joan is a very fine young horsewoman and she agreed to let me treat her mare. I had successfully treated several bone & joint infections before. But nothing was like what Holly had.
I started the following day aggressively treating her with the Equi-Stim Legsaver. This includes 4 large pads on the huge hock.

Holly’s leg was at least three times the normal size

Her leg was pulsing and hot. The poor horse was in pain and screaming for relief.
Holly was hooked up 7 days a week and either cold water hosed for 15-30 minutes or iced for a half-hour to an hour. Within one week she was able to start putting weight on it. By the second week, 3-4 lesions started busting out and draining.
At this time I started using Neosporin on the pads instead of gel. I was also putting penicillin (Go-Dry) cream into the open lesions. The icing continued throughout the process and Holly was now able to be walked. Although she was still limping she was able to move.
Soon those lesions healed and 2-3 more popped up. I kept in very close contact with Gary during this time. I was very tempted to start her on a broad-spectrum antibiotic, yet Gary disagreed.

After the first 6 weeks, we were on our way to full recovery

Thanks to the Equi-Stim Legsaver!
There were a few days when I got discouraged. But, my faith and past results with the Equi-Stim kept us moving forward. After 2 months Holly was able to be turned out in the indoor arena and she was very happy.
Spring was near and Joan would take Holly out and graze her. The grass is healing for the mind, body, and spirit, so soon we were able to turn her loose on the 100-acre farm.
Holly was in Heaven on earth. She still had small lesions that would appear. But the Equi-Stim Legsaver kept pulling the infection from deep in the largest joint in the horse, to the hock. This was amazing!
I can’t begin to explain the joy of watching this dear mare’s recovery. Her registered name is Hollywood. However, I have put in my two choices for the foals name:
#1 Holly Hock
#2 Natalie Wood
So stay tuned, because we’ll have to see what Joan decides on.
I also gladly welcome any questions on this treatment.
I am so grateful to the Equi-Stim LegSaver for supplying me with a rewarding and successful business.
My last few words? Praise God, Gary, and Equi-Stim Legsaver!

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    Where is the owners testimonial it is the best one. Why don’t you show both? That is what Jamie Babb has said.

    Regards Gary

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