Equi-Stim Leg Saver device
The average horse owner can now safely and effectively take control of their horse’s health issues without incurring high medical costs.



Leg Saver

Equi-stim Leg Saver tens unit for horsesLeg Saver was created out of a need to better the lives of performance horses everywhere. What started in April of 1998 with just horseman Gary DesRoches and a proof of concept led to the ultimate product design and sales to local stables in 2000. As technology improved and DesRoches’ knowledge in the field increased, word spread and soon horses around the Lower Mainland were receiving his unique waveform therapy. The first feather in the cap: treating North American trainer Bill Davis’ horse for bowed tendon–the horse went on to win 25 more races. Today, horse trainers around the globe are interested in the remarkable results Leg Saver can help produce through its Ting Point Therapy treatment. The Leg Saver team is constantly refining its protocols based on new research, treatments, and experience with its clients.