Accelerate the removal of inflammation from bowed tendons with blood flow.

removal of inflammation from bowed tendons with blood flow for race horses

Supplies needed:

  • 2 – 7 ft. wires, 2 large electro pads with gel pads attached.
  • two small electro pads with hoof sponges and a roll of Vet Wrap.
  • Leg Saver power pack and assembly.

FIRST STEP:  Place a pad with hoof sponges on each point of the frog on the front hooves using DMSO Gel. Secure with Vet wrap. Take the second pin and place a large pad with gel pad onto the shoulder SI-9 using Tac Gel. For proper conductivity you rub Tac Gel into the hair around the SI-9 acupoint which is located in the centre of the shoulder (view the Shoulder treatment diagram for proper location of this pad.)

Place the injured leg into the Leg Saver plastic bag that comes with the Leg Saver Icing boots. You can do both legs with the Icing Bag if required.

Place the Leg or Legs into the Leg Saver Icing Boots and secure with both straps. Fill the boot only with Ice to the top of the boot making sure that the ice goes all the way to the bottom of the boot (shake boot). Do not place ice into the Icing bag as it is going have water added up to the knee. This will really help in removing the inflammation and accelerate the healing process. This should take about an hour for proper cooling.

SECONG STEP. Dry the leg with a towel. Shave the tendon. Remove the pad from the off shoulder and place directly on the bowed tendon with gel pad on the electro pad. Use DMSO gel directly on the shaved tendon. When you remove the hair & use the gel pads you get a much superior treatment. Hold in place using tape & a Polo wrap. Treat for at least one hour. Exercise up to one hour after treating. Treat for one hour make sure that the lights on the power pack are brightly flashing. Remove boot & bag after one hour.  Using a Treadmill is the best way to exercise a bowed tendon.

This treatment will give you maximum blood flow. You cannot heal the tendon properly until the inflammation is removed. The sooner the inflammation is removed the sooner the tendon starts healing.


Image by Larry White from Pixabay

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  1. Germaine Prien on

    I watched the utube on this I would like to try this on my horse who has a bowed tendon on each front legs. How do I find a rep where I live or in this state?

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