Interview With Leg Saver Founder Gary DesRoches

Interview With Leg Saver Founder Gary Desroches

Horses around the world have benefitted from Leg Saver’s holistic, Ting Point electro-therapy. It is ever evolving, always improving, to provide athletic horses with therapeutic relief and attack inflammation at its roots; all thanks to the man behind the treatment, Gary DesRoches. Where are you from? I’m born-and-raised West Coast. While Canadian at the core,… Read more »

Leg Saver: A Success Story

Calgary Stampede barrel racing Leg Saver

How Leg Saver Helped Jean Winters Win At the Infamous Calgary Stampede Every July, the Calgary Stampede in Alberta attracts top competitors from around the world to compete in one of the largest rodeos on earth. Jean Winters and her horse, Zan, won the $100,000 dollar check in the barrel racing competition thanks to a… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Slow Feeding Your Horse

benefits of slow feeding a horse

How you feed your horse can be as important as what you feed them. Slow feeding has risen in popularity as the benefits become more apparent: slow feeding mimics natural equine behaviour and can curb stall boredom. Instead of feeding your horse all of its food at once, slow feeding involves breaking up the food… Read more »