Horses Teeth Maintenance & TMJ Temporomandibular Joint Repair

We have been treating horses for 15+ years with the LEG SAVER—a multi-functioning micro-current system that uses ting point and acupuncture principles for healing.  We have enjoyed remarkable success in treating a wide variety of conditions and ailments. In recent years, there has been a marked increase in ailments that are difficult to analyze, difficult… Read more »

Equine Bowed Tendon Therapy & Repair

BOWED TENDON THERAPY AND REPAIR The Bowed Tendon is a devastating injury that usually terminates a horse’s athletic career.  We are pleased to report that a method of repair is now available that can restore the tendon, enabling the horse to resume training and continue participating in its normal athletic career. Over the years many… Read more »

Hocks – Arthritis – OCD – Repair

In dealing with some of the top-level professionals in the equine industry, including universities and veterinarians, we have come to the conclusion that the hock is a highly-stressed joint that has been overlooked by many and must be treated properly. The HOCK is actually the most stressed and abused joint in the athletic horse.  This… Read more »


INFLAMMATION Inflammation is the main cause of lameness in performance horses.  This is often due to repetition in the exercise program or the particular discipline they are performing in.  If you cannot remove the inflammation you cannot repair your horse. When a horse becomes injured—whether through accident or over-work—the cells begin a process that lowers… Read more »

Sugar and Horses

Many people give their horses treats in the form of candy (mints) or other sugars. This is very harmful for performance horses [race horses, dressage, grand prix jumpers, barrel racers and all other performance horses]. Sugar is very harmful to horses (and humans) on many levels. 1. It damages the digestion system of horses (and… Read more »