Your Holiday Horse Gift Guide

image of horse being pat

We’ve rounded up our favourite products to help you and your horse have a happy, healthy holidays! #5 Time Well Spent The best thing you can give your horse for Christmas? A well-appointed, cozy barn that up-to-date and weather-proofed, along with daily walkabouts, even in less-than-ideal conditions. Daily exercise in the form of trotting can… Read more »

How To Manage Ringbone in a Horse

Image of a horse in a stall

Ringbone is one of the most misdiagnosed forms of arthritis in horses, because it is a doppelgänger condition for a host of other issues such as Laminitis, Navicular Syndrome, Founder and Thrush. Due to its similarities to other conditions, ringbone is very difficult injury to properly diagnose. What Exactly is Ringbone? Ringbone is a degenerative disorder… Read more »