Five Ways to Boost Your Fitness To Be a Better Horse Rider

boost your fitness to be a better horse rider

Being fit is simply a facet of being a healthy, effective horse rider. When the proper muscles are properly worked, your posture and therefore balance will improve, your stamina will increase, and your overall enjoyment of the sport will be far greater. Equicise is an actual fitness regime in the UK, born out of the… Read more »

Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Horse Hydrated

Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Horse Hydrated

Ensuring your horse has clean water to drink goes beyond quenching their thirst, it’s a way to keep them healthy on a long-term basis. H20 contains vital nutrients that aid in your horse’s digestion, moderates their temperature, and lubricates their joints for optimal performance. Here are a five simple ways to keep your horse hydrated… Read more »

How to Deal With Your Horse’s Poor Eating Habits

Deal With Your Horse’s Poor Eating Habits

A horse’s poor eating habits may not have immediate life-threatening effects, but it can affect their long-term health and equal many vet bills. Good eating habits with balanced nutrition will mean a happier horse thanks to good health. It may take a while to figure out the right measures to keep your horse happy but… Read more »

Your Guide To Eco-Friendly Horse Keeping

Eco-friendly horsekeeping

Caring for a horse means also caring for the environment you provide him with. We share nature, specifically watersheds that are crucial to our survival, with our family, neighbours, and the animals we’re lucky enough to co-exist with. As a horse owner, it’s our responsibility to protect that environment through choices that leave a low… Read more »