Equine Icing Boots
The average horse owner can now safely and effectively take control of their horse’s health issues without incurring high medical costs.


Equine Icing Boots

Equine Icing Boots

Introducing our LegSaver Equine Icing boots, an innovation that is superior to anything else on the market. Over this past year, we’ve invested copious amounts of time into development and production to deliver the best version of the LegSaver Icing boots. Our cold therapy boots latest model has been improved, with an increased ability to create extremely cold environments for the horse’s leg. A colder environment promotes the increase of blood flow and decreases the dreaded inflammation.

Addressing the Misconception of Treatment: Poulticing

A big misconception many have is treating an injured leg with poulticing. Poulticing is the process of using a heated and medicated soft mass, which is then applied to the horse’s knees, legs, or ankles. Most poultices have a cooling or warming effect. They are typically used to treat sore legs or draw out an abscess for drainage. However, when treating an inflammation, we want to stress that poulticing the leg is the worst form of treatment. Poulticing is an ineffective treatment for inflammation, as it traps the inflammation inside the leg once the poultice has dried. Furthermore, the inflammation eats away at the synovial fluids located in the ankle and knee. The inflammation also infects tissue in the tendons and ligaments.

How to Effectively Use the LegSaver Icing Boots

Our LegSaver Icing Boots are the most efficient and effective method of icing treatment for all horses. Recovery and success is made possible, by following our strict protocol. For successful results, please abide to the following instructions:

  1. Place the plastic bag onto the leg
  2. Insert the foot into the boot and secure both straps
  3. Attach the Velcro straps on the boot
  4. Fill the boot with ice, ensure it is packing within the boot
  5. Fill the plastic bag with cold water, make sure it does not overflow
  6. Wait, while the icing treatment is carried out
  7. After the treatment period, carefully remove the boot, ice, and bag
  8. Place the bad aside and store carefully, so that it is ready for use again next time
  9. Check to feel the temperature of the leg, it should feel extremely cold, a good indicator of a successful icing therapy treatment