Equine Bowed Tendon Therapy & Repair


The Bowed Tendon is a devastating injury that usually terminates a horse’s athletic career.  We are pleased to report that a method of repair is now available that can restore the tendon, enabling the horse to resume training and continue participating in its normal athletic career.

Over the years many treatments have been employed in a hopeful [yet hopeless] attempt to address this heretofore irreversible condition—Sweating, Blistering, Poultices, Pin Firing and other draconian therapies that are devastating to both horse and owner have been used with little, or no, success.  The horse really suffers from some of these foolish therapies.  I sometimes wonder why we treat our horses with such indifference.

The theory that blood flow will—in time—repair the damage is sound.  As evidenced by the fact that most wild horses that have been examined after their death (autopsy) show that virtually all of them had tendon damage at least once in their life, and were completely healed and restored to sound health prior to their death.

LEG SAVER is the best and most successful therapy available, anywhere, for the Bowed Tendon.  It does take some time and consistent effort by the owner or groom but the results will be there.

Begin the healing process by treating the horse’s tendon with the LEG SAVER BOWED TENDON treatment device every day for at least an hour.  This creates blood flow to the inside of the tendon, which accelerates the healing process.

Light exercise is necessary in conjunction with the LEG SAVER treatment protocol (walking or jogging) even if the horse is a little lame.  This light exercise can be performed during the treatment or after the treatment.

The next step is to ice the horse’s leg with the LEG SAVER ICING BOOT.  This critical step doubles the amount of blood flow to the inner parts of the tendon.

Results tell the tale.  There is an ultra sound of a graded stakes winner from Japan on our Web Site http://www.equi-stimlegsaver.com/health-benefits/.  The horse had won multiple graded stakes in many countries.  He had earned in excess of 9 million US dollars.   This horse was treated by our Representative Chris Mol.  The horse raced 90 days after the start of treatments.  The race was a graded stakes race and the horse finished 2 or 3rd and the tendon came back 100%.  The horse went on to continue his racing career with no further damage.

The Bowed Tendon does not have to be a devastating injury for your horse.  LEG SAVER can rehabilitate the tendon back to normal.

LEG SAVER is the best treatment available for Bowed Tendon.

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  1. rj murphy on

    i have a standardbred thats 3 that has recently bowed. whats the chance of this fixing him and does this have a shot at making his leg look normal.

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