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How To Treat Shoulder Pain in a Horse

Best Tips to Treat Shoulder Pain in a Horse

Before you jump into a treatment routine to help your horse overcome his shoulder pain, it’s important to understand what’s causing the pain, and what type of injury it could be. Then, along with regular Leg Saver therapy, there are several other natural methods you can try. How to Accurately Diagnose Shoulder Pain in a… Read more »

How Leg Saver Benefits Your Horse’s Overall Health

how leg saver can benefit horse health

For twenty years, Leg Saver has treated thousands of horses around the world for a multitude of injuries and ailments. Our satisfied clients and healthy horses are testament to the power of Leg Saver. We set out to improve the performance level of equine athletes, discovering new benefits to our ting point therapy method along… Read more »

Hocks – Arthritis – OCD – Repair

In dealing with some of the top-level professionals in the equine industry, including universities and veterinarians, we have come to the conclusion that the hock is a highly-stressed joint that has been overlooked by many and must be treated properly. The HOCK is actually the most stressed and abused joint in the athletic horse.  This… Read more »