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What Are Ting Points?

what are acupressure ting points on a horse

What are Ting Points, and how do they affect a horse’s performance? Company founder Gary DesRoches was introduced to these acupressure points during the early days of Leg Saver through the book VETERINARY ACUPUNCTURE: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine. In it, a chapter written by Dr. Are Thoresen DVM of Norway on Ting-Zone Therapy inspired… Read more »

How To Treat Azoturia Holistically With The LegSaver!

Treat Azoturia

Equine exertional rhabdomyolysis (ER, also known as tying up, azoturia, or Monday morning disease) is a syndrome that damages the muscle tissue in horses. There is a new therapy of handling this major problem in performance horses.  We have developed a program with the LegSaver treating the major organs that control all of the muscle groups… Read more »

Horses Holistic Alternative Therapy

HORSES-HOLISTIC-ALTERNATIVE-THERAPY ALTERNATE HOLISTIC HEALING THERAPIES are gaining popularity for treating horses while the massive use of drugs is on the decline, which is good—they all have side effects.  In most athletic disciplines, human athletes are under serious scrutiny for the use of drugs while the horse trainer is given an open door to use anything… Read more »