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Interview With Leg Saver Founder Gary DesRoches

Interview With Leg Saver Founder Gary Desroches

Horses around the world have benefitted from Leg Saver’s holistic, Ting Point electro-therapy. It is ever evolving, always improving, to provide athletic horses with therapeutic relief and attack inflammation at its roots; all thanks to the man behind the treatment, Gary DesRoches. Where are you from? I’m born-and-raised West Coast. While Canadian at the core,… Read more »

How To Treat Fetlock and Ankle Inflammation in a Horse

Treating Fetlock and Ankle Inflammation in a Horse

Fetlock and ankle inflammation is a common issue in performance horses and racehorses. Injury may involve the joint, or the surrounding soft tissues as well; this will be determined by the horse’s exercise regime and physical health maintenance. Use the Leg Saver in this step-by-step guide to help heal the injury. What Causes Inflammation and… Read more »

How Leg Saver Benefits Your Horse’s Overall Health

how leg saver can benefit horse health

For twenty years, Leg Saver has treated thousands of horses around the world for a multitude of injuries and ailments. Our satisfied clients and healthy horses are testament to the power of Leg Saver. We set out to improve the performance level of equine athletes, discovering new benefits to our ting point therapy method along… Read more »

How To Treat Common Hoof Problems

top treatments for common horse hoof problems

Prevention is key to avoiding hoof problems that can turn into long-term health issues. Paying close attention to the season and its associated conditions is the first step to anticipating potential hoof hazards.  Winter weather can especially dry the hoof wall out, so consider a moisturizer. Other common hoof problems come with their own set… Read more »