Enhance Performance & Reduce Costs with LEG SAVER Horse Care Treatments

Enhance Horses' Performance with LEG SAVER

Learn more about the LEG SAVER treatments for horses. Discover how to boost performance, tackle common equine issues, and significantly cut costs.

For horse owners and trainers to reduce costs and improve performance in treating your competitive horse, keep it on top of its game with low-cost, successful treatments by your Groom with the LEG SAVER.  

Everyone likes to treat their horse with the help of the vet and other professionals.  This is not only easy but expensive and not the best and cheapest way to treat your competitive athlete.


If your horses suffer from Lung Bleeding while competing in an event, injecting the horse with Lasix is the easiest way.  It is not the best way, but it is the easiest.  The Leg Saver can stop the bleeding and strengthen the Lung tissue for increased stamina. 

You treat the Lungs the day before the event for one hour with your groom.



When your horses suffer from Lactic Acid overload in the muscles from exercise or competition, your groom treats the horse the day before for one hour with the LEG SAVER to remove all the Lactic Acid from all the muscles.

Lactic Acid is produced in the Spinal cord from excessive activity.  We stumbled onto this finding by accident while treating the Hunter Bump problem.  This was a startling discovery, as we did not know.  This is all accomplished by your groom as the treatment is easy and very successful.  Race horses always go out of performance every 2 to 4 races and need time off to regroup their muscles to compete at the highest level.



Through the years, we have found that the Hocks, Ankles, and knees become inflamed after a few races and have to be rested and recovered to remove the inflammation.  This inflammation becomes Arthritic very quickly if left unattended.  All of these issues, if left unattended, lead to Tendon and ligament issues that become the main cause of debilitating injuries that take many months of rehabilitation or retirement.



If your horse has a poor quality horn in its hoof structure, you can experience hoof issues plaguing your horse’s performance every day.  This is caused by an underperforming liver.  

You can have your groom treat the hoof a couple of times a week to strengthen and grow quality horns in complete hoof regeneration within about three months of treatment. 



If you have a quality Stakes horse with a ligament or Bowed Tendon issue, you can bring it back to 100% recovery if you have the patience to use our Bowed Tendon treatment.  It does take months of treatment and exercise to produce these fantastic results.  We have been very successful at the treatment of dozens of Bowed Stakes horses in Japan, all treated by the stables grooms.


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