Your Holiday Horse Gift Guide

image of horse being pat

We’ve rounded up our favourite products to help you and your horse have a happy, healthy holidays!

#5 Time Well Spent

The best thing you can give your horse for Christmas? A well-appointed, cozy barn that up-to-date and weather-proofed, along with daily walkabouts, even in less-than-ideal conditions. Daily exercise in the form of trotting can help keep your horse trim, fit and healthy through the winter months.

#4 Hermès for your Horse

For the horse who has everything, Hermès’ line of high-end horse gear includes everything from from standard saddles to blankets, bridles, and grooming equipment. We like this water-repellent Swing Dressage Pad in an ergonomic shape and breathable construction. Already have all the “needs”? What about the Fly Hat or Stirrups in that classic brown and orange?

#3 New Releases: Horse Books

Horse & Hound’s recently-released list of six new horsey books, out for your reading pleasure covers top riders’ autobiographies, equestrian novels, and factual coffee table books. At the top of their list, Churchill at the Gallop by Brough Scott about the “Greatest Briton in History”’s time in the saddle. Pick up a book, learn from the pros–your horse couldn’t ask for more!

#2 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

The healing benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar make this gift the easiest and healthiest you can give your horse. Its wide variety of benefits ranges from natural insect repellent and digestive aid, to mane and tail conditioner and minerals supplement. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

#1 The Leg Saver

We might be biased, but all of our satisfied clients are proof that Leg Saver should be on every horse’s Christmas wish list. This natural wave form therapy can help repair and maintain horse joint health to stave off arthritis. Because isn’t that what every horse wants for Christmas? Be raring to go in top form out of the gate for a healthy 2018.


Contact us any time to discuss how Leg Saver can help your horse!