Holistic Equine Therapy: Leg Saver STIFLE WRAP TUTORIAL

Equine Stifle Wrap Tutorial


Stifle Wrap Step 1: Harness and Shoulder Wrap 

There are velcro straps that are adjustable to the size of the horse. You simply put the shoulder wrap opening over the horses head like a sweater and continue to pull the fabric around their shoulders. Secure the velcro straps of the Shoulder Wrap underneath the horse, just behind their two front legs. 


Stifle Wrap Step 2: Installing the Anchor Strap 

Run the anchor strap through the buckle on the Shoulder Wrap and down the backbone towards the tail. You can adjust the velcro anchor strap snug to the size of the horse. At the rear of the horse, secure the strap under the tail, by lifting the tail up. Secure the strap back up on the croup pad. 

Stifle Wrap Step 3: Positioning the Stifle Wrap 

The Stifle wrap is what will hold the electrode pads in place. Connect the white end of the stifle wrap 90 degrees to the Anchor strap on the loin. Next, feed the other end of the strap under the inside of their back leg. Continue to feed the strap out the back end beside the tail and back up to the croup pad.

The extra strap that is hanging in front of the back leg will also connect to the croup pad at the end, but first we must complete the steps below. Repeat step 3 on the other side. 

Stifle Wrap Step 4: Stifle Electro Stimulation Setup

Run the wires from the control battery pack under the shoulder guard into the Controller Power Pack located in the shoulder pocket so the horse isn’t able to chew on them. Run the wires from the power pack through the loops on the Anchor Strap down the back to the loins. Repeat the process for the second set of wires on the other side. 

Make sure to use a velcro strap on the leg to hold the wires in place that go down to the Ting Points. Attach the wire that goes down to the Ting Point on the Coronet Band.

Stifle Wrap Step 5: Use Conductive Gel 

Next, put conductive gel on the pad and place it on the front of the coronet band (the stomach ting point). The stomach meridian runs right through the stifle inside the horse. Secure the Ting Point pad in place with a velcro strap. Next, apply conductive tag gel to the stifle and rub it deeply into the horse’s hair to assure skin contact to conduct the current into the body. Repeat the gel treatment to the stifle inside of the same leg. Attach the second wire and electrode pad to the gel treated areas of the stifle, the outside and inside.

Stifle Wrap Step 6: Velcro Stifle Wrap Straps

Now, attach the final velcro stifle wrap straps to the rear anchor strap croup pad to secure the stifle electrode pads in place. Repeat the same process for the left hoof and leg. 

The wires send a current through the stifle from the inside and outside. The third way comes up the leg and runs right through the stifle to the stomach internally. It is the best stifle treatment in the world as we have seen huge successes for standardbred’s and for dressage horses. Leg Saver can make all the difference. 

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