Hoof Health And Repair With The Leg Saver

Hoof health

Good hoof health starts with quality hoof growth free of infection and increased blood flow to the hoof area. If your horse is showing signs of laminitis, navicular, and founder, or suffers from quarter cracks, then removing inflammation from the hoof is key to successful treatment.

Here’s how The Leg Saver can help you kill all of the infection from your horse’s hooves.

How LEG SAVER increases blood flow and kills infections

By treating the kidney and liver Ting Points (for a run-down on equine acupressure points, check out this summary from The Naturally Healthy Horse), enzymes will be released into the bloodstream. This increased blood flow will help your horse fight infection while accelerating quality hoof growth by ⅜ to ½ an inch per month.

Repairing quarter cracks for healthy hooves

Our experience has lead us to believe that quarter cracks are caused by poor quality horn in the hoof, and in some cases is hereditary from the mother. The LEG SAVER stimulates blood flow to the hoof with the flow of enzymes from the horse’s liver.

Other causes of poor quality hooves

A lot of race horses are administered drugs and other toxins that affect the liver. If they go untreated, will affect their offspring in the form of poor quality hooves.

We also feel that too much sugar and molasses in a horse’s diet can cause liver damage. The liver becomes clogged with toxic plaque because the kidneys can’t function due to an overflow of those toxins. The sulphur in molasses builds up in the liver, which can ultimately damage the entire body depending on the strength of your horse’s immune system.

The bottom line of hoof health

The Equi-Stim Leg Saver is designed to kill all infections through Ting Point Electro Therapy to keep your horse in top form. Have you got any top nutritional tips that keep your horse in tip-top shape to compliment our therapy for whole horse health? Let us know in the comments below or share with us on Facebook!