Increasing Your Horse’s Stamina

The basic LEG SAVER treatments are quite simple

  • Treat the lung and heart ting points (located on the front coronet bands) once, 3 days before a race or event.
  • Treatments are for one hour each.
  • Treatments should be done separately, one after the other.
  • It will take 2 hours to complete both.
  • The following day the horse should be walked for ½ hour to one hour.
  • The morning of the race the lungs should be treated for ½ hour as early as possible (about 8 am).  Do not treat the heart. 
  • This will increase performance about 4 to 8 lengths, depending on the horse.
  • Always check on the SHOULDERS, HOCKS & WHIRLBONE to make sure the horse is ready for optimal performance.  Always treat the hocks if there is any heat in them at all.

A number of trainers have been experimenting with the amount of exercise needed to keep the horse performing at its peak.  Here is what we have found:

  • Horses that have their training reduced the week before the treatment are significantly improved over horses that are kept at their regular degree of exercise.   They win a lot more money.
  • Reducing the exercise program the week before the treatment produces a much fitter horse.  Results show about 80% wins & seconds—mostly wins (rider error caused some of the second place finishes).
  • These treatments reduce stress and strain on the horse’s body (hooves, ankles, tendons, ligaments, knees, hocks and other areas of stress).
  • Protocol for young race horses – treat their heart and lungs once every 2 weeks.  This builds stronger horses with tremendous stamina.  This will not make them run faster it just makes them finish stronger.

This new protocol will give you the best results in your performance horse.  Having more stamina down the stretch run results in more wins!  Try it with one horse and see the results. 

I’m reluctant to tell a world-class trainer what to do but this protocol really generates superior results!






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  1. Leslie on

    When you say “Do not treat the heart” and “treat their heart and lungs once every 2 weeks”, am i correctly assuming you referring to the heart and lung ting points?

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