Inflammation is the main cause of lameness in performance horses.  This is often due to repetition in the exercise program or the particular discipline they are performing in.  If you cannot remove the inflammation you cannot repair your horse.

When a horse becomes injured—whether through accident or over-work—the cells begin a process that lowers bioelectric activity that is normal in a healthy horse.  This reduced bioelectric activity causes a reduction in oxygen and fresh blood supply to the compromised cells which, in turn, triggers the inflammation cycle in one or more of the following areas: muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments or hooves.

LEG SAVER works at the cellular level to reduce and eliminate inflammation.  LEG SAVER’S waveform polarizes and penetrates the cellular membranes—thereby increasing the flow of nutrients to the damaged cells and increasing removal of toxins from the damaged cells (two crucial components of recovery from inflammation).

When treating your horse with the Ting Point therapy you can really accelerate the healing process by treating the main organs through the Ting Points and Meridians.  We’ve been doing this for 15 years with tremendous success.  Treat the LUNGS, HEART, LARGE INTESTING (IMMUNE SYSTEM), LIVER (hooves & muscles), KIDNEY (bones), BLADDER, STOMACH, SPLEEN and you will enjoy results that are truly amazing.   The process is easy and efficient.

By treating the heart and lungs of a race horse you can achieve a 20 to 30% increase in their stamina at the end of the race.  One caveat: You must reduce the amount of exercise the week before the race or event.

We have tried using magnet blankets and wraps and we’ve had no success with these modalities with respect to the removal of inflammation.  We have not found any scientific evidence to rebuke our findings.  If anyone has information to the contrary please contact us; we are always open to new information on this topic.

P.S.      LEG SAVER works great on humans as well!


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