Interview With Leg Saver Founder Gary DesRoches

Interview With Leg Saver Founder Gary Desroches

Horses around the world have benefitted from Leg Saver’s holistic, Ting Point electro-therapy. It is ever evolving, always improving, to provide athletic horses with therapeutic relief and attack inflammation at its roots; all thanks to the man behind the treatment, Gary DesRoches.

Where are you from?

I’m born-and-raised West Coast. While Canadian at the core, I’ve been lucky to travel plenty thanks to a lifetime in the world of horse racing.

Where and when was the Leg Saver founded?

Leg Saver was founded in 1998 after several years of researching various natural equine therapy methods. We are continuously updating our protocols to be the best in the industry!

What is your background in working with horses?

I’ve spent over fifty years involved in every aspect of the racing industry, as well as owned horses myself.

What kind of horses do you work with?

Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds.

Why are you passionate about holistic health for horses?

That’s a really good question. I’ve spent the majority of my life around horses. I’ve seen what traditional methods are able to achieve, and I believe that a holistic approach, one that targets the root of the problem, is the best way to achieve health and success.

What inspired you to develop the Leg Saver?

My first experience as a horse owner started at the BC Thoroughbred auction. A career-ending injury put racing on hold, and put me on the path to the professional sports world in search of a natural and effective treatment for equine ailments. The result: Leg Saver’s unique Ting Point Therapy, the foundation of Equi-Stim Leg Saver.

How did you create the technology behind the Leg Saver?

A lot of research and protocol refinements! It started with a fluctuating micro-current system using electro gel and rubber electrodes. I studied up on the subject with VETERINARY ACUPUNCTURE: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine. One chapter in particular, written by Dr. Are Thoresen DVM of Norway, introduced me to Ting-Zone Therapy. From there I tried variants of his therapy methods until the Leg Saver’s unique waveform was perfected.

Why do you believe in the Leg Saver?

I believe in Leg Saver because of the hundreds of horses, globally, that we’ve helped heal and rehabilitate.


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  1. Western Buckle on

    I would like to know how your device differs from those of Dr Ho, and others, who have been selling electrode stimulus devices for decades. There is little difference to me, at this point of my understanding the different makes and models.

    • Liddleworks on

      We’re not sure who Dr. Ho is, but our device uses a proprietary and patented wave form that is anti bacterial & anti virus. Kills arthritis completely in horses.

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