Lactic Acid Treatment: how to treat lameness in horses

Lactic Acid Treatment

Many people don’t realize that lactic acid is the main cause of lameness and poor performance.

Increase lung capacity & stamina by 30% by removing all lactic acid from your horse’s body.

We treat a horse’s:

  • ankles
  • hocks
  • knees
  • stifles
  • tendons
  • ligaments
  • hooves
  • muscles

How do we remove lactic acid from a horse?

We can remove all lactic acid from the horse’s body with simple treatment with the LEG SAVER LACTIC ACID TREATMENT.  One treatment will remove all traces of this dreaded affliction that all horses suffer from exercise. Because they have such huge muscle masses, the problem is magnified.  This treatment is easy to apply and is required before every race or competition.

We can also guarantee a 20 to 30% increase in lung capacity when the lungs & spleen are treated at the same time. 

Treatment: how to treat lameness in horses

The best time to schedule the treatment is the morning or night before the race and our recommend treatment is duration is 1-2 hour treatment.  We find that horses really respond in a positive manner.  They have substantially more stamina & energy, particularly at the end of the race.

Our success rate is 100%.  We have not had a failure yet.  These results are guaranteed.

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