Navicular Disease Equine


The hoof of the horse is a very difficult to repair.  We have seen so many horse come lame from Puss Pockets, Quarter Cracks, Navicular, Laminitis and other forms of disease and injury.

There has been a lot of treatments that are good but not that successful at creating a quality hoof with excellent growth.

The must be an increase of Blood flow to the hoof.  This is very difficult for any treatment to be successful in any way to create this.

We have found that the LEG SAVER creates maximum Blood flow while killing all of the infection in the hoof.   It does take time as some hooves are so badly infected that the horse can hardly walk.  We have treated a horse Uptown Mike for 4 days and nights yes 24 hours a day for 4 days and nights.   He started out so lame he could not walk out of his stall and in 4 days walked out dead sound.  The trainer tacked him up and jogged for several miles.   The puss & infection that came out was massive while he was jogging.  He went on to win a lot of races starting at $3000 & rose all the way up to $30,000.

This was all possible with the LEG SAVER and a lot of patience of the trainer.  I kept telling him to leave it on, the infection will come out.

We have people that use Poultice for the hoof and that is a mistake.  A number of professionals and Universities have informed us that the poultice is very bad for the hoof as it draws out much of the natural quality oils that are in the hoof and traps in the dreaded inflammation.

Poultice in not good for the hoof or the leg and tendons as it traps in the inflammation that has to be flushed out with fresh blood flow.   Fresh Blood flow is much superior than poultice at reducing inflammation.  You must remove the inflammation in any injury for there to be any success in bring the horse to normal soundness.

Treating the hoof has become a lot easier for anyone using the LEG SAVER micro-current and the LEG SAVER ICING BOOTS.

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If you have horses you need the LEG SAVER to help lower your medical costs while repairing and maintaining them.

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