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The Pros and Cons of Slow Feeding Your Horse

benefits of slow feeding a horse

How you feed your horse can be as important as what you feed them. Slow feeding has risen in popularity as the benefits become more apparent: slow feeding mimics natural equine behaviour and can curb stall boredom. Instead of feeding your horse all of its food at once, slow feeding involves breaking up the food… Read more »

How Leg Saver Benefits Your Horse’s Overall Health

how leg saver can benefit horse health

For twenty years, Leg Saver has treated thousands of horses around the world for a multitude of injuries and ailments. Our satisfied clients and healthy horses are testament to the power of Leg Saver. We set out to improve the performance level of equine athletes, discovering new benefits to our ting point therapy method along… Read more »

What You Need To Know About First Aid for Horse Owners

First Aid for Horse Owners

The first things to consider when it comes to first aid for horse owners are temperature, pulse and breathing, particularly when your horse isn’t acting himself. Check them regularly so you have a record of his normal temperature, pulse, and respiratory rates on hand for comparison in the event of an accident or illness. How… Read more »

How Colic Prevention Helps Good Horse Digestive Health

Colic Prevention

If you and your horse are one of the unlucky ones, you’ve seen it before. The pacing and pawing at the ground. The restless up-and-down. The swinging of the head from side-to-side. The potentially fatal abdominal condition and #1 horse-killer around the world is sadly very common, and extremely painful. Here’s how you can spot… Read more »