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How to Keep Your Grey Horse Gleaming

how to clean your grey horse

Keeping a horse clean is a huge task on its own. Getting into a daily routine of basic cleanliness combined with a weekly bath and grooming session can go a long way towards your horse not only looking his best, but preventing permanent staining on grey coats and fending off minor health issues. Even if you… Read more »

Five Ways To Keep Your Stabled Horse Happy

Keep Your Stabled Horse Happy

Horses are wild creatures at heart. The confines of an enclosed space such as a stall or paddock goes against their instinct to move, graze and be free. Keeping your horse confined for long periods of time can even have dangerous effects such as negative reactive behaviour. We’ve rounded up five ways to help keep… Read more »

Size Matters: How To Determine Your Horse’s Paddock

image of horse in field

In colloquial terms, the paddock, corral, or pen is often referred to as the “sacrifice area” because you’re giving up valuable land for greener pastures. As a horse lover, this is hardly a “sacrifice”, as your horse’s outdoor living quarters are an important part of their whole horse well-being. A paddock will prevent them from… Read more »