Equi-Stim Leg Saver device
The average horse owner can now safely and effectively take control of their horse’s health issues without incurring high medical costs.



I love my Leg Saver and so do my clients

I have treated everything from body soreness, navicular, torn hamstrings, epm, open wounds, radial nerve injury, cysts on stifles, suspensory injuries, tying up –just to name a few. I love my Leg Saver and so do my clients.

Justa Turner

It simply works the best

Thank you very much for a great product. Of all the therapy devices that I currently have in my stable, the Leg Saver is the only product that we have multiple units of. The reason for this is that it simply works the best. We have a Magnawave (PEMF device), a laser, a Theraplate, a magnetic blanket, and a ceramic blanket. We have 2 Leg Savers.

The Leg Saver is the best therapy device to keep our horses feeling comfortable, and able to continue to perform. Since using the Leg Saver, I have noticed that we are able to go much longer before needing hock injections, if we need them at all.

Thank you again for an excellent product, and for great customer service. It is very much appreciated.

Jamie Stryker

I have never been so satisfied

My only regret about purchasing the Equi-stim Legsaver is that I didn’t own one sooner. Everything Gary and his team claims the Leg Saver does –it does! I have never been so satisfied with any product I have bought except maybe my horses –now that I have the Leg Saver.

Miki van der Merwe

The results were amazing!

The results were amazing! His hamstrings felt like butter; they were so soft and he was moving free without pain.

Dr. Mike Buskohl, D.C. and Sarah Albyn

Results are always exceptional!

Leg Saver technology became invaluable to us when our local horse sports therapist moved away — leaving us wondering how we would treat our performance horses going forward. Leg Saver saved us! Results are always exceptional! We highly recommend Leg Saver technology for the health and vitality of your performance horse or your recreational horse.

Peter Bowen Racing Stables

I use it faithfully

I use it faithfully to treat my barrel horse, Zan. I run barrels professionally and depend on this machine to keep my horse in top condition. I recently competed at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Canada and ended up winning the $100,000 dollar check at the end.

Jean Winters

Saved a horse

I saved a horse with African Horse Sickness using the immune program as per the manual. Halfway through the treatment the horse started eating and continued to improve daily. I did 2 treatments 4 days apart and he recovered fully.

Janine Evans

Superior and highly effective therapy

Any one who has horses or is in the equine business must avail themselves of this superior and highly effective therapy. It is non-invasive, non-toxic and promotes general health and performance like nothing else.

Heidi Donohoe

The best choice of treatment

At a walk, trot, and canter she enjoys her life today thanks to Jamie’s hard work and the Equi-stim Leg Saver. Equi-stim Leg Saver was the best choice of treatment for Hollywood. We have no doubt about that.

Joan Sladek

Everyone should have a Leg Saver in their tool box

Thanks Gary for making a great product. I feel everyone should have a Leg Saver in their tool box for so many reasons. I know I could not live without the Leg Saver.

Vickie Montgomery