How To Treat Azoturia Holistically With The LegSaver!

Treat Azoturia

Equine exertional rhabdomyolysis (ER, also known as tying up, azoturia, or Monday morning disease) is a syndrome that damages the muscle tissue in horses. There is a new therapy of handling this major problem in performance horses.  We have developed a program with the LegSaver treating the major organs that control all of the muscle groups in horses and also in humans too! This program is a natural and holistic way to treat azoturia! 

Horses are given a lot of medications (drugs) in North America which results in extra work for the liver to clean the blood.  All drugs or toxins are removed from the blood by the Liver which sends all the residue to the Kidney.  If the Kidney is over worked and becomes plugged with all of these toxins the Liver cannot clean the blood properly.  Hence muscle cramping occurs everywhere in the horse’s body.

We actually developed the program from human treatments. We always used herbal cleanses to clean out our kidneys first and then the liver second.  We have added the Spleen to dump all of the oxygenated blood stored there to flush all toxins out of the cells.

This therapy is so successful we have not failed yet!  It is so easy and the process takes approx. 3 hours to complete.  

-We treat the Kidney Ting Point first for 1 hour.

-The Liver Ting Point is the next one hour treatment.

-The Spleen Ting Point is the last treatment for 1 hour.

Dietary Changes

We also suggest you try to remove all of the added sugar from the diet like molasses and any other complex carbs.  Do not feed you horse candies or sugar treats!

-Sugar damages the digestion system of horses (and humans).

-Sugar (Molasses) kills brain cells.  Use ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.  Horses love the taste.

-Sugar in the diet delivers a glucose spike directly to the brain & blood sugar levels become unmanageable.  Long term sugar intake reduces brain function.

-Sugar interferes with the delicately-balanced hormonal and reproductive systems in both mares and stallions.  These hormonal interferences reduce the quality of the offspring or the ability to reproduce.

Molasses also contains a lot of Sulphur which is also toxic for horses.

The LegSaver guarantees the results of this treatment! If you would like to learn more on how to treat azoturia or the LegSaver in general, get in touch! We love to hear from you! Contact us here.