Equi-Stim Leg Saver device
The average horse owner can now safely and effectively take control of their horse’s health issues without incurring high medical costs.



Gary DesRoches, Leg Saver Developer

Gary DesRochesWest Coast born and raised, Gary DesRoches is a veteran of the horse industry with 50 years of experience in the racing world. Having worked with Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds alike in nearly every aspect of racing, his keen understanding of both a horse’s and the trainer’s needs alike contribute to Leg Saver’s success.


DesRoches’ first experience as a horse owner himself started at the BC Thoroughbred auction. A career-ending injury put racing on hold, and sent DesRoches on a search for a treatment which lead him to the professional sports world. Through a variety of connections, he was introduced to the concept of microcurrent machines, which were used for BC Grizzlies players at the time. DesRoches’ user experience with these old machines lead to his pursuit of a natural and highly effective treatment for equine ailments: Leg Saver’s unique Ting Point Therapy, the foundation of Equi-Stim Leg Saver.


In close collaboration with world class veterinarians, horse trainers, universities and other equine professionals, DesRoches has refined Leg Saver’s protocols over 15 years; treating thousands of horses around the globe to become better, healthier, faster.